March 8, 2013
The new Facebook’s roll out system

Facebook previously announced Graph Search and the slow roll out to users. Users had to opt in to get early access to that shiny new thing that devs are working on. The opt in button turns grey and… one plays the never ending patience game, to never see the new search.

Yesterday Facebook announced the new redesigned and improved News feed. Again with a slow roll out and an opt-in procedure. Same old story. But I don’t believe they’re following this list of users to apply the changes to them. Because I was on the page before she even existed, before she was mentioned in the presentation. She didn’t existed several minutes after, while I was pressing the refresh button on my browser. When it went live, I was among the first users who opted in. Did I get an update? No! I know several people who did, without doing that step.

I can’t give an answer why, I asked several people about that issue, no one gave an explanation.

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