April 3, 2012
Timeline may turn Facebook into MySpace

The news that the new Timeline for brand pages on Facebook does change the engagement was a bit surprising - the Timeline layout is neither the best possible layout, nor the very best implemented to drive such an augmented engagement.

Timeline was rolled on brand pages not because brands really needed it - most of them don’t and have to entirely change the way they interact with fans and their strategies, but because of the non-so-well-accepted layout for personal profiles.

There is a study revealing that Facebook Timeline doesn’t affect engagement, the drop of engagement after one month after the roll out and the impact so far.

I think that Facebook should slow down their intent to change the way users and business communicate with their fans and friends, because the line between being successful and becoming the next MySpace is very thin. And they’re one step closer to cross it. And after crossing it, there will never be a way back.

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